Cam’s Story

Our daughter, Cameron Elyse Squires, was born on 1.12.09, with a rare 2p chromosomal deletion – only 2% in the world! She received an 8-hour life-saving surgery on 4.8.09, with several to follow through ‘12. Cameron and her health needs are managed through a team of exceptional doctors at Our Family Healthcare + 
St. Louis Children’s Hospital, for whom we are ever so grateful!

Despite having intractable, myoclonic epilepsy, being trach – and g-tube dependent, without mobility, speech or vision, she shows us how very strong, resilient and HAPPY she is every single day! 
If that doesn’t portray what determination + strength really are, I am unsure what can!

She is thriving in 3rd grade at Southview – making progress towards all IEP + family goals, all things we were unsure could be possible! We attribute her successes and improved health to her Therapists, Teacher, Nurse and Personal Care Assistant for working so hard with her to meet goals and provide care!

Cameron loves all things about her big sister, Aydan, especially time spent together during flute practice – Cameron absolutely loves music and going to sporting events! We rescued a dog from Stray Rescue, GiGi, and upon her meeting our family, she recognized Cameron’s needs and cozied right next to her to provide company + comfort!

My husband, Jim, and I make a great team – celebrating each day for its successes and good times, while dividing up the many complex responsibilities while caring for a mentally and developmentally-challenged child. But she’s ours and taught us, our family, friends and acquaintances so much – especially about adaptability, perseverance, determination, celebrating small milestones, unconditional love + realizing what is truly important in life!