Notes from Genny

Update To Our Supporters

It’s been a little over a year and a half since our sweet angel June flew back to heaven. We miss her every single day, but we fill the emptiness in our hearts by spreading our love for her to others through the June Jessee Memorial Foundation. Keeping her memory alive allows us to parent … Continue reading Update To Our Supporters

JJMF in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

On Thursday, July 20, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran an article about June Jessee Memorial Foundation. We hope the article draws attention to the need for an organization like ours in the community.  Thanks to all of our many supporters who allow us to carry on June’s legacy!    

First Annual Fundraiser

On Wednesday, April 5, we had our first annual fundraiser. It was a special and emotional day as we celebrated June’s birthday by serving other families with children like June. Our mission is to make life a little easier on families with children with devastating neurologic and medically complex conditions. One way we can do … Continue reading First Annual Fundraiser

It Is Never A Bad Idea To Make The Referral

June had an undiagnosed neurologic disorder that began, for us, the morning after her birth when she failed the newborn hearing screening at the hospital. Infantile spasms started not long after, eventually numbering in the hundreds to thousands each day. As her issues compounded—cortical visual impairment, developmental delays, nephrotic syndrome, bowels that simply stopped working—we … Continue reading It Is Never A Bad Idea To Make The Referral

Getting Started

When I am introduced to a new parent of a child with similar symptoms as June, I usually start with something along the lines of, “I am so sorry I have to meet you this way, but I am here to support you if you’d like it.” I say that because “it’s nice to meet … Continue reading Getting Started