June Jessee Memorial Foundation Fund at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Caring for children like June is both incredibly rewarding and exhausting – a physically, emotionally and financially draining process that often impacts young, working class families just beginning to save for the future. High co-pays for a growing number of specialists, medical equipment, medications, frequent hospital stays – the costs can quickly overwhelm. To be at their best for a child, it’s also essential that parents and caregivers take time for themselves, but many times, insurance coverage falls short of in-home nursing care or overnight respite.

The June Jessee Fund was established to ease the financial hardship of out-of-pocket medical expenses on families who love and care for children with medically complex conditions.

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The June Jessee Memorial Foundation is a component fund of the St. Louis Community Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity. When making an online donation, you will be directed to the St. Louis Community Foundation’s Paypal account as it processes all donations to the June Jessee Memorial Foundation.